There’s a reason why the retro cat-eye sunglasses are back. The classic piece is one of those things you can’t do without, the best part about them is that they flatter just about any face shape. Choosing a pair of sunglasses howwvere means you can stick to the basics of go for the more iconic structured pieces; there are also some of these glasses that have crystal embellishments, heart shapes, tinted lenses and box cut. Therefore no matter what you choose, you jusy have to makesure that you tilt the glasses in a way that you look like you are giving a knowing gaze.

This white piece Loot Love poses with is your basic shape, simple white plastic with a rose gold tint, prerry fabulous and simple if you ask me.


Hello World

There are so many types, texture’s and colours out there for you to be inspired by, but the most common have to be the one’s with a plastic black body and dark tint. Either way, we love the cat-eye sunglasses and we would always rock with them come rain or sunshine (mostly sunshine) but you get the drift.

Let’s take a quick look at how the fashion forward women style the glasses…







Be Inspired By Glam!

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