Being in close proximity and understanding the amount that went into my friends wedding I decided to really look into wedding budgeting and planning, it is important that your wedding is planned with ample time because the months approaching your wedding is about the best and most tedious time in your life and you have to make sure that everything is planned right and carried out to the teeth to ensure you have time to breath and not go around worrying about money.

So whats a wedding budget, how can you have one and how do you stay true to your wedding budget? To question one, a wedding budget is a statement of how all the expenses you are willing to take during the course of your wedding ceremony, a wedding budget gives you the necessary details you would require in order to stay within the spending limit, its like a leash and without this leash there would be splurges during the wedding.

Wedding Bugdet Calculation

Wedding Bugdet Calculation

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To start off your budget you would require a wedding planner or a wedding plan (book); This would help you stay true to your wedding budget which is otherwise easier said than done but this tried and tested ways might be the key you are looking for:

  • Usually choosing an off season (nov, dec, jan,feb) wedding instead of a on season (the rest of the months) might lower the price tag on the wedding venue.
  • This part is hard for an African wedding but when you are on a strict budget you have to follow; you don’t have to invite many people to your wedding, your immediate family, a few extended and a few friends would do; to make this work make it a strictly by invitation wedding in other words get bouncers to bounce those who are not on your guest list.
  • Many of you might go ahhh but this happens a lot; A second hand dress would save you a lot of money.You just wear your wedding dress once anyways and there are a lot of second hand dresses that are as good as new.
  • If you can’t afford a wedding planner then employ a friend that you know loves to organize.
  • If you can skip the wedding favors your family or friends might do that on your behalf anyways.
  • Maximize your food menu, you don’t have to have three types of soups of different types of rice.
  • You can splurge strategically like serving guest little square cakes instead of cup cakes and having a fabulous one for picture sake.

There are so many other things you can do to avoid spending over your wedding budget. Want to have an idea about your wedding cost? Just click HERE

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