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Makeup stains are bound to occur, no matter how carefully you try slipping your blouse over your face, or how strategically you place your head on your pillowcase. Over time, most of our clothes have been rendered useless just because of that annoying stain. This boils down to the fact that whatever has an advantage, has a disadvantage too; your makeup makes your face beautiful, but makes your clothes ugly. Whatever be the case, removing makeup stains easily from your clothes is very possible. There’s really no need to panic. Here are the ways to get makeup stains off your clothes easily;

1. Remove powder stains white vinegar: To think that powder stains can be easily brushed off your clothes is a wrong one. Rather, you’d end up worsening issues. To get this off easily, mix a solution of white vinegar and water, dip a cloth into it, and dab the stain until it disappears.



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2. Remove liquid foundation marks using shaving cream: Shaving cream becomes your saving grace when it removes stains on fabrics caused by an oil-free foundation. To get this done, mix a touch of alcohol into the shaving cream and dab the stain until it disappears. You can also toss the garment into the wash immediately after the spot treatment, and the stain’s bound to be gone.


Hair removal cream

3. Use of hair spray for lipstick stains: Lipstick marks can easily be lifted with hairspray. Spray this on affected area, leave on for ten minutes, dab with a cloth, and toss into the wash.


Hair spray

4. Makeup remover for mascara remains: For this, you can grab your makeup remover, apply a touch of the solution to a cloth and continue dabbing until stains go off.


Makeup remover

5. Self-tanner stains removal using dish soap: Simply rinse the area with cold water, and then use a sponge to apply dish soap, which will dissolve the oil in the formula.


Dish soap


Who says you can’t try these now? Help yourself out this time!

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