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Its easy to be overwhelmed with the running around of the holiday season which in turn means getting through the season becomes a bit tougher on your relationship especially your $3xual health. But looking at it from another perspective, if you are willing to put in effort into, this is the best season to improve on your relationship.


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We’ve already established that the season can be very stressful, this is how you can turn the stressful season into a sensual one there are ways to get intimate this holiday season;

1. This is the party season and no doubt there would be a lot of going out and partying with friends and family but out of this active calendar you would have to reserve at least two nights to spend with your partner. Make sure you spend this two nights in romantic arena’s.

2. Now spice up your gift bag for your boo/bea with scent candles, massage oil to set the romantic mood off. If you are a bit adventurous an arousal gel would help heighten sensitivity and $3xual pleasure.

3. We don’t take time to focus on our relationships as much as we focus on our waistline, finances or jobs. Change all this come 1st of January, make a resolution to focus and build a good relationship especially when it comes to intimacy. Have $3x once a week, try out new routines, enjoy a date night out twice a month.

4. Many people don’t like to cuddle, but there is a power to cuddling. Make the most of the time you have with your partner this holiday , flirt, touch, cuddle even though all this actions might be brief they are super effective in building up your connection.

5. Finally make your room a sanctuary this season, the mood for an intimate $3xual experience can be ruined if you step or trip over laundry or children toy or wrapping paper etc Make sure all this things are cleared out instead put up scented candles, spread out a new sheet to inspire the mood.

This are ways to get intimate this holiday season, I hope you read them over again and start practicing Asap!!! You still have time to work on your relationship.

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