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Do you have any idea of the essence of the gele? Gele’s are very necessary to your look they add some pizzazz to your traditional attire. The head wrap was a traditional must for high society women centuries ago, if you were a woman of class or prominence the head-wrap was a symbol of your power.

Women were proud to be seen in their head wraps which was made from fine fabrics made with the thickest and most expensive threads, this was woven into beautiful patterned clothes that these women wrapped around their heads. The choice of fabric was also determined by social status, the “Iya Oloja’s” (market heads) had their head wraps while wives of chiefs, big farmers etc all had their.

The situation for the gele back then is different from now; in this modern times the gele is used for complementary purposes or to remind us constantly that we have to keep the cultures, and we won’t say that this in itself isn’t a meaningful reason as keeping the culture is significant, it however gives off a totally different vibe than originally.

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The Gele has stayed true and has survived countless centuries; this trend is definitely going to stay for a long time to come the only changes would be in the way that it is wrapped. There are different ways one can tie a gele however this video tutorial down below would show you how to tie a small gele

Small Gele

Source: YouTube Channel – Christiana’s Closet

Small Gele’s are pretty cute but harder to tie because sometimes it seems tha fabric is not enough but once you get a hang of it; its gold all the way.

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