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There is always something to learn and Lola Oj Tv has got four beauty hacks for us, some you may know some you might not and the fact that it is being demonstrated makes it really easy to follow. Now if you don’t know what beauty hacks are about, they are simply ways to make life easier for you that means you don’t have to ponder on ways to make your makeup last or how to look mattified.


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Lola Oj takes us throw her four major and essential beauty hacks that would make life easier;

  1. How to ensure your perfume last longer in a hot country like Nigeria using petroleum jelly or solid perfume.
  2. How to make sure your makeup last all day using milk of magnesia as a primer base.
  3. How to contour your face using the card trick.
  4. How to mattify your lips using loose dusting powder as base.

This beauty hacks are really easy to mimic so watch lola Oj as she performs them;

Source: YouTube Channel Lola Oj Tv

What did you think about this beauty hacks?  I for one thought they were really useful and I most certainly learnt something. If there are more beauty hacks you would need to learn simply state which one in the comment box below.

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