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Your hairstyle speaks a lot about you. It is important that you keep your hair neat and trimmed if necessary but as a black woman our hair sometimes need to be plaited because keeping it in check everyday might and almost always become a burden. Protective hairstyles are a black woman’s best friend, they come in handy when we can’t be bothered with showing off our God given locks. There are different types of protective hairstyle but today we would be talking about wigs. Wigs are a girls best friend, they come in handy especially in weathers like this.


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There are different types of wigs but one of the one’s that have begun to gain ground is the Closure Wig. Not everyone is familiar with closure and not everyone has heard of them. Lace closures are simple hair pieces that come in different colors to suit your skin tone, the purpose of a closure is to allow the wearer to have a full sew in, whether as part of a wig on on their head, this is in other not to allow the natural hair come in view.

The beauty of a lace closure is the fact that you can part the hair in any direction that you please and your hair doesn’t come out, you don’t have to straighten the hair every two days because your hair is woven into a protective style. The closure once its done properly looks very natural, you can either have it sewn on your protective plaited hair or you make a wig out of it.

As you know, we enjoy DIY hairstyle projects, therefore watch EFIK ZARA show us how to make the easiest closure wig ever!!!

What do you think? Would you be making this closure wig anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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