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Being a career woman is everything but there is that time of the year when your heart begins to beat faster, its Review time! and you are excited and nervous at the same time. You find yourself wanting to ask for your raise (that is part of your review) but how do you go about it? Well, before you go into that review meeting take time to follow these step, they would guide and prepare you when its time to face the review board;


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1. Set the tone that you are valuable

Before going into an conversation about salary, pay attention to the larger strategy and vision of the company. When you share a status update with your boss while tying the results back to the strategy this becomes a stand point. Bosses always notice those that go way beyond the scope of their job.

2. Have another Ask

Being told no happens but you should have another ask. You could ask the company to pay for a special class, a fellowship, a project overseas or a stint in another department etc No is not no to everything and anything so use this opportunity to ask for something that can advance your skill and likely attract or/and lead to a raise.

3. Make your ask confidently

Women tend to talk themselves out of asking but you should make your ask and then shut up even if you don’t like uncomfortable silences. Ask for a promotion or salary increase confidently, justify if you need to and then stop talking wait for your manager or supervisor to reply and take the next step.

4. Research your Values

What would your company need to pay someone to replace you? This means you have to find out your market value. Also put yourself in the employers shoes, then ask yourself, what do I bring to the table that no one else does? This question would prepare you for the conversation ahead and provide your boss with the tools they need to advocate on your behalf.

5. Compromise

Salary negotiations have been likened to apartment/house hunting, you are not always going to get that dream package, sometimes you need to negotiate and sometimes you may need to compromise. Remember to make a ranking list of whats important, here’s an example you can actually follow
* Base (basic salary)
* Bonus
* Paid time
* Benefits
* Stock options
* Flexible hours (work from home policy)
* Perks (free meal)
* Work and life balance
* Position
* Seat at the table ( interface with CEO and the stakeholders)

Note that there is a different list for everyone and so you could make yours to help you negotiate better.

Depending on where you find yourself, you should empower yourself. Remember you are a rock star, believe in yourself as no one can believe in you more than you. You should also remember to plant seed’s of your achievement during the course of the year, rather than wait for review time (don’t stock pile) by then it would be a lot easier for management to agree with you.

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