There a debate out there that the Ankara fabric can’t really hold as a Gele – erm, if you still have that though around your head then it means you are 2000 and late literally as the Ankara can now be formed into a dashing and a fabulous Gele. Although the Ankara Gele styles are a bit limited with it comes to trying to make it elaborate however it is still use-able and it can create fabulous styles.

Hello World

Steps by step on how to tie Gele using the Ankara fabric:

Make sure your hair is neatly packed and pressed down so it doesn’t offset the balance of the scarf when you are tying it.

Take the scarf and fold it in- 2 to 3 centimeters is enough fold.

Place the head tie on your head and make sure that one side is 1/3 and the other is 2/3.

Wrap it around your head and make sure that you pull the shorter side one way and pull the longer side underneath and bring it around to the front.

If you are happy with your placement then it’s time to create the pleat. Place one end and push it a little towards the back, continue to do this until you have enough pleat.

Gather the the fabric at the back and tie it tightly.

If you are not satisfied with the instructions above or you just don’t understand then it’s time to take a look at the video tutorial on how to tie Gele…

Source: YouTube | Christiana’s Closet

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