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Sunday is approaching faster by the second and in this time a lot of people are already under pressure on what to gift their spouse, partner, family and friend for valentines day. A study that was carried out in the us showed that valentines day is the second holiday in which a lot of people spend so much money according to this study roughly 17 billion dollars would be spent on valentines day this year and most would go into buying gifts for partners after which family and friends trail the list.This survey is to show you that this is one day that has a lot of people under pressure thinking about what to buy, how to surprise their partners etc.


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Understanding your partners money personality and knowing how to interpret it is important because it can save you time and money, it can save you from anxiety whether on valentine’s day and after. The five category’s of languages you can identify with are;

  • Word’s: This is simply the use of words like “I love you” or the written and verbal proclamation of affection, also included in this list is pet names etc. This works for some.
  • Quality Time: Time spent alone with out disturbance. Your partner may be part of those people who desire a quiet moment with you with out technology causing distractions, so a valentine day trip to the beach would mean more than physical gifts.
  • Gifts: For some people a carefully thought out gifts is appreciated more than the duty free gifts you bought on your way home or ordered last minute. For people like this, its the thoughts that count.
  • Service: You might not show up with a gift but simple things like running errands, cooking their favorite meal, ironing their dress or shirt… simply acts of service would go a long way.
  • Touch: I mean physically, this cost nothing, a hug, kiss basically express your love and you would get the best reaction.

First identify your love language, then try to identify that of your partners, don’t express your love rather than trying to understand your partners. Unfortunately the world is more materialistic now, but remember not to feel pressured, do not go beyond your pocket just because bea wants those timberland or those jimmy choo’s.

If your partner is the inconsiderate type then its time to say Bye Bye Boo because valentine’s day is about expressing love and affection not about rubbing the bank. So stay realistic, don’t go overboard when you can’t afford to.

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