Hey Cuties!

A lady’s delight is to look beautiful always. Honestly,  your dressing is incomplete without your shoes. Implicit in this is that anything a lady wears on her body matters. Remember, you derive great confidence from not just looking good, but wearing quality stuffs.

Your shoe can as well make or mare you; imagine having a lovely outfit on you without fitting shoes; you just have killed the dressing. You could also not have all the money in the world to buy those lovely shoes you’ve been eyeing, but you can as well work on the one you already have, to give you that new look. One of such ways to achieve this is to create an embellished ankle strap from one of your wedge heels. By trying to embellish it, you make it more beautiful by simply adding one or two things to it.

Besides, jewelry is special to a lady. So also wedges are pretty amazing. Running through your jewelry box, you can pull out your ever bling brooch, button, an earring, flowers, studs or chains you can find. The process is even easier when you use brooches because you don;t really need a glue for it.

These are what you need for your embellished ankle strap;

  • Wedge heels.
  • Shoe glue
  • Jewelry (brooch, button, earring, studs, chains, flowers)

The process is supper easy. To get started, get your wedge heels ready.


Wedge heels

Hello World

Get your jewelry to add to your ankle strap.



Use a strong shoe glue to attach your jewelry to your ankle strap.

Shoe Glue

Shoe Glue

Having added your jewelry to your ankle strap by gluing them strongly, here is exactly what your lovely embellished ankle strap looks like;


Ankle strap

Congrats! You just succeeded in upgrading your shoe rack!

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