The development of the African Print fabric has met with critical acclaims- some have dismissed it as a outright waste of time, from where they stood, it wouldn’t take-off on a worldwide scale and others have been able to acknowledge the obvious commercial success the use of the print has garnered. This goes to show that there would always be naysayers but these people no matter what lie’s they’ve drawn in their head can never take away from ‘Success’. Success is the Ankara print fabric, the fabric you can say appears as a living breathing spread of the African culture and environment, some with floral motifs, others with animal drawing and a host of other designs.

Beyond the Naysayers is a budding industry especially in Nigeria, it may seem as though the whole Africa Culture rest on the shoulders of Nigeria artiste and designers alike as they’ve made it their burden to show the riches of the African country to the rest of diaspora. In order for this unspoken responsibility, the Nigerian fashion industry doesn’t sleep on style. Almost daily there is one latest style popping up on the gram and as usual we are here to capture the best. Of cause there are styles from other parts of the world as well as this latest Ankara styles collection include styles from other parts aside from Nigeria.

Up your ante this week with this popping latest Ankara styles, keep reading…

ANKARE STYLES | Ante-Collection


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