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If there is one thing lots of people would always opt for in the makeup or beauty world, it is none other than the under-eye concealer. This is absolutely unbeatable, but even when you use concealers made just for the under-eye area, it never really stays on. Your bags and darkness are concealed for about two hours, then midday rolls around and it’s all cracked or creased and generally looking even messier than before you put concealer on. Many of us desperately need to know how to fix this problem.

On the other hand, you probably have heard of this trick if you are a YouTube video junkie. Well if you have not, don’t worry.

The question is; do you struggle with under-eye wrinkle lines? Does your eye concealer melt off after a while? If yes, it’s because you haven’t been baking your face. What is baking? This is what it looks like;

Under-eye concealer

Hello World

To put it very simply, a makeup tutorial will explain better, but it involves allowing an excess amount of setting powder to sit on the skin under your eyes for few minutes. Besides, it allows the powder to fill in any “holes” in order to create a smooth finish. To bake your face, there are different steps to follow; from using a damp blending sponge to pat down some setting powder on the skin under your eye and many other processes. Although it may look scary at first, but be sure to use an excessive amount.

Here’s a video tutorial that explains everything about under-eye baking;

Source: Curls N Lipstick


Under-eye concealer is the only trick to baking your face properly, making it look like a chocolate cake!

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