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Have you gone through your IV what does it say? Knowing what your IV says would help make your life easier when picking a style that would go with the theme of a wedding. However I have seen IV’s that doesn’t specify, most times it’s either they forgot or they want their guest to be as creative as possible. For the purpose of this post we would be going with the latter which is being as creative as you can be.

There are only a few times in a year where you have to be very extra with your looks, inclusive of this time is at a wedding ceremony. Especially at Nigerian weddings, you are allowed to be as elaborate as you want to be to a measure of cause and thus even if you are taking a very precise yet unconventional route to dressing, it doesn’t cause a fuss.

We’ve gone on to select a few unconventional wedding guest ideas that you can style for an upcoming wedding, keep reading to see…

Unconventional wedding guest ideas | Look-Book


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These unconventional wedding guest styles are lit! they are perfect, simple and the combinations actually stand out.

Be Inspired!

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