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Hello World

Sometimes we find ourselves in between two real love and we get confused of who to go for. A friend of mine who goes by the name Linda met her first boyfriend while in the uni, the guy loved her real good. While doing her Youth Service, she also met another guy who could do anything for her and the new guy was also from her tribe and this made her love the guy so well. She was so confused when she was ready to settle down because the two were proposing marriage to her that she consulted a whole lot of friends for advise until when she finally settled down with her first. Here is today’s story below about a single mother who needs your advise.

Dear Amaka,

Life may be tricky sometimes. I’m a single mother with two lovely daughters. Two guys are in love with me, one is a divorcee and the other is a single guy.The divorcee loves me so much but I can see some domineering traits in him. He is the type who will wait for a return of all he has invested in me if things go wrong. Nonetheless, I know he loves me but I can’t settle for what he has to offer.

Here is another, a young and single guy,who has promised me heaven and earth except that he doesn’t not spend a lot of time with me.Whenever I feel lonely and horny, this divorcee guy is always available to meet my $3xual needs .But whenever I have $3x with this man ,I feel guilty that I have betrayed the single guy.I don’t love this divorce guy but he is trying everything to prove he can be there all the time .

On the other hand, I connect well with the single guy,we talk so much about our future plans and so on ,but time is a barrier .I have tried in so many ways to show this divorce guy that I can’t spend the rest of my life with him but he is still there hoping ,but my heart is with the single guy.What do I do?

Dear Confused

I would advise that you open up to the divorcee, tell him your sincere opinion about him and work on yourself. Sorry to say this, you are only dating the divorce because of your selfish interest so why waste his precious time. If you want to move on with your life and not waste your time, get serious with the person you claim to love which is the single guy.

In all I wish you best of luck.

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