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We all want a bright and colourful wardrobe but nobody wants to go out looking like she is celebrating a masquerade festival. Funny enough, as against the primary and secondary colour rule we were taught in our fine art classes when we were young, some colours that we think are odd actually look cool when combined. Some colour outfits do actually look very good and great when worn compared to the neutrals colours.

Though the art of blending colours can be tricky and confusing, when mastered, it makes you feel fabulous and you are rewarded with complements from people as well. When it comes to combining colours, it is necessary to learn to brighten your dull outfits or tone down an already bright one.

The primary and secondary colour rule doesn’t always apply at all times and this is where your love for colours comes into play; masterminding colours to compliment each other in your outfits. As much as opposite attracts, some colours you think are odd when combined actually look great together.

I’m sure after now you might want to take out all of your boring outfits and experiment with lovely bright colours. So enough of those depressing line of black and grey colours in your wardrobe, it’s time to spice it up and in doing just that we bring to you two colour outfits you never thought it would match or look good together, scroll down to see…

Blue And Purple: Foluke went for a blue denim shirt on mid-length cuffed up purple pants.

blue and purple

Hello World


Blue and Orange: Cynthia opted for a blue jacket on tangerine orange dress



Yellow and Blush Pink: Foluke was all vibes on a yellow cardigan jacket and an ankle length blush pink trousers

blush pink and yellow

Style Pantry

Green And Purple: She is styled in a green button down shirt tucked into a purple maxi skirt

green and pink


Blue And Lilac: A crisp blue shirt tucked into a lilac palazzo pants

blue and laliac


Lemon And Orange: A lemon tissue top tucked into an orange skater skirt

lemon and orange'


Navy Blue And Pink: Foluke styled a navy blue duster coat and a pink palazzo pants

blue and pink


Green and Orange: A stylish piece created with a green button down shirt and orange jacket

foluke 2


Pink and Red: A colourful vibe of pink jacket and a red tailored pants.

pink and orange

Note that neutral colours like grey, black and white work well with other colours so it is impossible to clash when combining them with another bright colours

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