We are going to go ahead and assume that you are someone that is used to dressing formally or semi formally and so the idea of a tuxedo is not something new to you. The TUXEDO DRESS or Jacket Dress is an extremely classic piece that has been around for a very long time. It’s one of those pieces that can be stashed as vintage because with every year and season new styles pop up. Designers always find ways to make the tuxedo dress look like a different piece every time and thus the emergence of new ways to wear them.

If you have never worn a tuxedo dress before and you are in search of ways to style them then you are on the right track as this post contains various styling ideas thanks to the bloggers that put them together. However, a black classic tuxedo dress would always be a completely elegant piece from head to toe and it’s always the top choice especially for people who have no experience with the jacket dress. There are different ways to style the jacket dress; the piece in itself is powerful and aggressive and wearing it could go either way i.e aggressively feminine or elegantly sexy, it’s all about your preference.

Let’s bless you with some cute tuxedo dress images that would also…

Black  + All Black Accessories with a silver touch


Hello World

Plaid + Red Sock Boot


Buttoned Plaid + Thigh High boots & Classic brief


Fuchsia Pink + Teal green Ankle Boots


Sleeveless + Bodyhug mesh top, Beret & Platform heels


Blush Pink all the Way


Red & White + Textured Pumps


Black + Yello Turtle neck top & Burberry Boots


All Black + Blue Shoes & Belt attachment.


You have no excuse, these post has shared with you techniques on how to wear your tuxedo dress and so we believe that you would be trying any one of these looks soon.

Be Inspired!

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