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The turban is essentially a headgear that uses fabric of varying width and length, which is twisted and turned around the head. The wrapped folds derived produce a “fitted effect” akin to a stitched or an engineered head covering.

Though length, style, color, and fabric may vary as geographical locations change, the basic concept and construction of the turban remains unaltered. This is probably the widest and most flexible definition of this garment considering the many forms in which it exists.

Wearing of turbans started with the people of Sikh faith who pride themselves in wearing the head gear as a requirement of their religion. Recently, the turban has found its way to the fashion world. Turbans have evolved into a fashionable item for most women. The simple headgear has taken over a section of most women’s closet reserved for the bad hair days as well as changing ones look.

African women have found a way to stylishly rock turbans. These days many fashionistas look elegant when they adorn the turban but picking the right turban and knowing how to wrap it around the head is vital to achieving that gorgeous look.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are clueless on what exactly to do with your turban, or maybe you don’t even know what style to tie with it? Well this post might just be perfect for you. Scroll to see this Turban look-book to  gear up inspirations…


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