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Most ladies know how important Aso ebi is at a wedding or owambe. Some ladies go as far as not going for the wedding because they don’t have the Aso ebi and would not want to feel left out of the party. For some, they opt for other fabrics that isn’t the Aso ebi but with the same similar colour to the Aso ebi chosen. While I know some ladies would not bother about the Aso ebi and just opt for a simple English dress.

Well, wherever you stand in these categories, you would agree with me that Gele is as important as the Aso ebi. In Africa years ago, it was a norm for a woman to always cover her head (entirely based on culture and traditions) but now, it is now flexible as it isn’t mandatory to cover your heads everywhere again, rather covering your hair is considered fashionable.

With Aso ebi revolving and dictating party norms and traditions these days, It is common to see ladies covering their heads with gele. These gele’s are usually chosen with the Aso ebi to complement the native attire.

One thing that is certain is that fashion is revolving which is why we’ve got these gele articles for you. If you are confused of what to wear on your head for parties, then you should try gele with its many styles.

Scroll down to see some of its many stunning styles…


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