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We love fashion and to top it all, we think ladies would like this. Gele users have found more creative ways to style the firm material into different shapes and patterns. When worn, especially for more elaborate events, the gele typically covers the entire hair as well as  the ears.

Gele is perfect for styling any type of aso ebi as it makes a major statement when tied perfectly. A lot of ladies love it super, big, medium and small depending on individual taste and outfit/the occasion. The gele makes as much statement as the other types of head wraps  making a classy, elegant and tasteful statement as it’s not loud or in anyone’s face.

This head tie is the ultimate fashion accessory to use to protect your hair, complete your traditional African outfit, or in many cases, for religious purposes. If you’re going for a glamour look, go with the gele and you’ll definitely get comments like “Where Did You Get That From?” If you’re looking for something more refined, gele is your style pick.

Also important to note is that gele can be a symbol of your social status and class. So ladies, if you got it, flaunt it, and if you don’t, fake it till you make it.

Scroll down to see how gele picks this Tuesday….


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