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Rice is a staple in 99% nigerian homes, for many people they consider rice their best food so it doesn’t matter what recipe it is whether its coconut rice, fried rice, rice and stew etc as far as rice is involved they are down. If you ask many people where rice originated from, they would definitely have no clue because the origin of rice is different to each rice exporting country, this is because there are so many types of rice. Therefore each country has their own unique type of rice and they share it around the world by exporting.

Rice is highly favored and its not only a nigerian thing; the reason why many people love this food is because rice can easily mix with other ingredients to form something delicious and tasty. Therefore some great dishes like Jollof rice, Fried rice, Coconut rice, Native jollof rice etc has been created.


Native J Rice

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Today we are suggesting that you go for the native Jollof rice, unlike the other jollof rice recipe’s the native jollof rice is something that a lot of people rely on. Its not everyday some people make the normal jollof we all know and love, the native jollof is like a quick fix buts its incredibly delicious.

I grew up to this dish and I was excited to find a cooler way to make my native jollof rice thanks to sisi yemmie. Below is a video tutorial on the native jollof rice recipe, watch it and make it during the holiday.

What You’ll Need;

* 2 cups Regular Rice
* Chopped Ugu vegetable (pumpkin leaf)
* 1 tsp salt
* 2 Fresh yellow peppers (fresh cameroon pepper)
* 1/4 cup Smoked Big Prawn
* 1 Cup Ponmo cut in pieces
* 1 tbs Ground Crayfish
* 1 Seasoning Cube (or to taste)
* 1 medium sized Onion
* 10 plum tomatoes,
* 2 habanero pepper (ata rodo)
* 1 onion mixture
* 1 big Smoked catfish
* 2 Chopped Paprika Chilli
* 1 Chopped Habanero Pepper
* 1/4 cup Palm Oil
* 1 tbs Locust beans/Iru

Remember you can always tweak the recipe to suit your taste. Watch the video tutorial now and make sure to share the recipe with your friends and family (you don’t want to be stingy because they too can enjoy using this recipe).

Native Rice

Native Rice

How do you prepare your native jollof rice? Share some of your secret ingredient with us by leaving your comment in the comment section below.

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