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Tribal hairstyles like cornrows, plaits, Ghana braids, Fulani etc have been part of the African culture for as long as the history books go. With each turn of the century, this hairstyles receive a re-vamp to suit the times they are in for example in ancient Egypt (and I mean when most of the occupants of the Egyptian Kingdom were of Nubian descent) the male children were recorder to have plaits, each plaits would show whether they were free men or born into the royal family.

The history of plaits is as deep as the blood flowing through our veins it’s inbuilt, like a code that activates no matter where we are on the face of the planet and it all has to do with the texture of our hair. We’ve been blessed with a texture that we can re-create anyhow we want, we could attach pieces into our hair and they would stay, we could twist it and they look amazing. There’s just so much that we can create with our texture – we’ve been called kinky, nappy, Afro and we accept all these words because thanks to our beautiful texture we can be as creative as we want to with our hairstyles,

Let’s take a look at what braided hairstyle looks like in 2018…

Tribal Goodness | Braided Hairstyle Look-Book 🙋🏽


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This list is a look at the latest braided hairstyles and they are yummy.

Be Inspired By Culture!

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