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So If you read the aso ebi styles post yesterday you would have already gotten an idea of the type of aso ebi style I choose. You see the style below, that’s the type I wore to a wedding ceremony this past weekend.


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The gele styles is not by wearing what’s popular but what’s modern and trendy. To this effect there are various styles that you can be inspired by. At the wedding I saw a lot, from the older women who reverted to styles they were used to the the younger fashion forward women who delivered every latest gele you could think off; there was a lot to admire, to look out for and to be inspired by. This inspiration got me excited and I went to IG to make sure that I can find similar looks to share with you.

Everyone who walked into that wedding looked on point and those who didn’t wished they did. Even I myself hoped to do better for my next event but my Hausa head wrap was the stand out head gear at the event. I was proud. If you want to stand out like me you can try the head wrap above since it’s still in it’s first stages as a trendy style but there are other looks below that are great too.

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