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We Nigerians are always in high spirit when an occasion calls for the celebration of a friend or relative. Obviously, we get to see our loved ones in these occasions and equally plan towards such big days.

Since we get to plan such occasions, what usually comes to the mind is “what to wear“. Trust me! The male folks could spend less time planning this, but the female folk is just too busy trying to figure out which colour of gele, bag and shoe best suits the main dress otherwise known as Asoebi.

Besides going for bags and shoes that match, your Asoebi style also matters; you have to nail it rightly. If you want this to appear on social media with everyone gushing about it, it’s definitely the type that must wow everyone, making everyone long to sew such a style.

In all, you turn out to be a pacesetter for all the girls who spend all their time on social media. The styles you can pull off at that occasion are actually numerous, but some have been carefully selected for you.

Is it gown, skirt, trouser, Buba and iro? They are all here to suit your style. Therefore, here are the trendy Asoebi styles for plus-size beauties;

Style 1:

Style 1

Hello World

Style 2:

Style 2

Style 3:

Style 3

Style 4:

Style 4

Style 5:

Style 5

Style 6:

Style 6

Style 7:

Style 7

Knowing full well that Asoebi styles are usually the talk of the town, you would certainly not wait to be told that your so-called English wear is not ideal for such an occasion hence, the need to steal the above Asoebi styles and nail them properly!

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