Being African doesn’t automatically mean you are in love with the Ankara fabric. For some people; being eased into it is the best option they have. As much as there is the realization that this fabric is such a great part of defining our culture as well as heritage there is just that minority of people that need convincing and can you blame them, who knows the experiences they’ve had with the fabric and even if they haven’t had any bad experience you still have to consider that it takes some people a while to come to love something. This post is not only for our ardent readers but it’s for those people that want to follow our passion and love for fashion. As a reader, what you would find to be true about Madivas is simply- we love our aso ebi and African print here. It’s a strong believe of ours that if we advocate enough for the fabric, the rest of the world would begin to catch up to how truly gifted we are in this continent.

With that said, this notion wouldn’t be possible if people like you didn’t love the Ankara sincerely and so, if you are a new reader and you want to re-dedicate your fashion to reflect more Africa pieces then you are welcome to. For the purpose of this post we would be sharing with you some beautiful looking African print fabric  designs that we believe is simply FAbuloooooous.

Looking for the best Ankara style option? Well here’s a look at what the gram has to offer…



Hello World






Be Inspired!

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