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Braids….popularly known as ‘PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLE’. this style can never go out of fashion. It is comfortable and makes you look chic to every event. You get the opportunity of being creative with it, weaving it into different styles to suit each event.


This is one hairstyle you’ll gladly sit for! Matching two or more colours is an added advantage. There are varieties of braids, box braids, twisting, kinky etc.

The popular braids however is called the ‘BOX BRAIDS. Even women rocking natural hair get to rock braids too with their natural hair and wool.


Braids has a lot of advantages, the opportunity of wearing it for a long period of time is at the top of the list, coupled with the fact that you can wash/dry, treat and do all sorts while wearing it.

This hairstyle is one versatile hairstyle I know when it comes to packing and creativity.


It’s no wonder a lot of celebrities wear it, matching one or more colours comfortably to any kind of events. Oh yea, it has its disadvantages too especially when you neglect or refuse to treat and pamper it. It’s like a baby, it’s got to be nurtured very well so it can grow. Lest I forget, this is a secret tip about braids.


If you want hairstyles that will make your natural hair grow faster with a better texture, BRAIDS will come in handy in that department. Don’t let the long sitting at the salon discourage you, it’s totally worth it.


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Some complain it’s expensive and heavy, but if you do the right size with a good hairstylist all that can’t be a problem. Big Braids isn’t for everybody and rock Braids and feel fabulous!


So…Rock Braids and feel FABULOUS!

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