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How was your week? Great I hope. Mine hasn’t been so bad. Just a couple of long journey on the trains to visit friends and family and I must say I don’t think I can ever live in London. It reminds me of my days in New York. Very multi cultural and definitely too crowded for me. I am more of a Liverpool girl where the pace is more calm and if I can say even more friendlier. Just my observation.

Fashion is an acquired taste they say. But how true is it? I for one will definitely agree. In recent years I have realized many styles are based on trends. That brings my second question, how long will you follow a trend? What if a trend is introduced and it is not to your liking then what. Don’t get me wrong as a blogger I catch myself falling in love sometimes, but I need to stay true to my brand and that brand is making sure I don’t go bankrupt while doing what I love. As I said Love shopping, that’s definitely my hobby! Put me in a clothing shop and I am like a kid in a candy shop but… 

Hello World

It’s sad to say with two kids thrifting has become so hard. I miss those days that I use to recruit a couple of friends and hit the street of Accra (kantamanto). Who cared about trends then, we were just young and happy but the fact that we weren’t going home empty handed was all the happiness we needed. Only to get home and realized the adrenaline rush got the best of us. ( clothes were not the best). Some days were definitely better than others in retrospect.

Here’s more images to go over…

Five years ago I needed an outfit for an event. And five years later I wore it for my blog. I mean in what Fashion world can one go wrong with a simple skater skirt. It’s a perfect piece for a day look to night look. Also, It will forever be one of the useful pieces in my wardrobe.

What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessories that you own? And why?

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