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The head gear tying tradition is something that has spanned generations, and with each generation there is a new style trend that takes over. Ours mothers and their mothers before them etc took pride in their head wraps, it showed maturity and wealth which are the two things women back in the day were most proud of and so the head wrap became a staple. Its a new generation now and although the whole essence of the head wrap is lost on us, it still doesn’t take from the fact that we love it and its something every female headed to an owambe almost always has to have on.


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As usual we are here to keep you abreast of the latest and hottest style trends so that you would not be left out. We’ve seen so many styles of head gear and the orente/avant garde gele which is the former latest trend has been shoved over by the new gele trend which has been amply named the Infinity pleat gele. The gele world moved from the “oni le gogoro” to “iya rainbow” to “fanned out style” then to the “rose style” (orente gele) and now we are embracing the never ending pleat. The infinity pleat gele is like the birth of a new child from the old child, this is because the infinity pleat gele is just and amplified version of the normal pleat gele that we see every day.


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People have been wondering how they can tie the infinity pleat gele so here is a video from YouTube vlogger Christiana’s closet; watch closely

What do you think of the infinity pleats head gear? Love or Hate? Share your honest thoughts in the comment section below.

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