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I remember the mismatched earrings trend came into life a couple of years ago, I always thought somebody forget to wear the right pair and someone else saw it, liked the idea and that’s how the trend came about (truthfully, I still think so). Anyways whether that was the history or not the mismatched earrings are coming back to the lime light, starting from fashion week runways. You might wonder shouldn’t I just pair any type of earring, well that might end up being a faux pas because, the earring has to be different individually but they still have to look alike either because of their color or shade etc. Here are samples of mismatched earrings that should get you inspired.

This is one of the simplest ways to spot mismatched earrings, simple pair a stud earring with a unique dangling piece just like Alicia Keys here.


Alicia Keys

Hello World

This mismatched earrings are different because they have to do with numbers, instead of sporting one earring on each lobe you can spot one on one lobe and maybe two or three on the other lobe like Halle Berry



Halle Berry

The runway was full of the mismatched jewelry look, here two heavy jewelries of similar shade was paired together, see how they look similar but different at the same time because of their hue.



Rihanna took mismatched to a whole new level but one thing to note here is the fact that her earrings both have studs and they have the same hue which makes it easy on the eyes.



Wait did I say Riri took it to a whole new level? Well Christina Millian definitely slayed with this lightweight pieces, pairing a halo earring with a peacock feather hook earring is simply stylish.


Christina Millian

This look is just amazing, stating the fact that different pieces can come from the same color palate.




This is quite the example because this two earrings have absolutely nothing in color but then again we all know that pairing gold an silver which used to be a fashion myth can make one hell of a look.




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What do you think guys? do you genuinely love it? do you love it because its trending or would you most certainly never be caught dead spotting it? I would love to view your take on the mismatched earrings trend. Just leave your comments in the comment box below.

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