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The turban is back, again and if you still don’t know this then now you know. This trend is slowly cripping in as you can see woman rocking their turbans to events and weddings. There are several reasons why women tie the turban and they include, a change, a bad hair day or for an event.

For those of you who still don’t know what a turban is, here’s a brief explanation, a turban is a style of head gear that is created through cloth winding. This style of head wear is customarily worn by the Sikh religion in south of Asia, south east Asia of of course North Africa.

Naturally this head wear is worn as a form and part of religious observance among different faiths and communities but it moved beyond that fence a long time ago and now many part of the world has embraced the beauty and this includes the west. The turban-gear might be a wildly accepted head wear now but you still have to master the wrapping technique so that the head gear would not fall out of place but sit comfortably and securely on your head.

How to tie turban

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There is no one way to tie the head gear but there are simpler forms that you can experiment with, below is a video of YouTube Vlogger Sisi Yemmie, check out how she styles her own Turban.

Source: Sisi Yemmie Tv YouTube Channel

Note that If your hair isn’t as full as hers then rather than use a very light scarf like she did, it would be better that the under wrap have as much volume as the top, this is to ensure that the look has the right fit.You can also accessorize with a chain hook or a cool brooch. On a day you have nothing going on for you, try to practice different quirky looks that you can achieve with the turban-wrap.

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