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Who would have thought you could sleep in your makeup and get away with it? well i guess we should be used the new innovations by now. As someone with vast experience with the use of makeup, am really particular about getting every last bit of makeup off my face before i go to bed, although admittedly am so tired sometimes i leave them in while i sleep and that in itself has an adverse effect on my skin but as it turns out there are a new range of products that can be used that instead of damaging your skin, would repair it and keep you looking like a queen all night long.

This set of beauty products are especially good for ladies who are into leaving their makeup on, at least this way your skin gets a better treatment than before, here are some products that the beauty experts recommend, this products all have skin care benefits and that help to improve the skin;


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1. Cheek and Lip Beauty Products: to create and add color to your face then Tata Harper Volumizing lip and Cheek Tint is what you should dab on your face, made with spanish lavender and liposmino acids this beauty product is designed to add and lift volume, also Charlotte Tilbury Filmsstars On The Go has impressive benefits it contains a moisturizing complex that increases your skind hyaluronic acid production , the highlighting cream is acked full of anti aging apricot seed oil.

2. Glytone Flesh Tinted Acne Lotion: This beauty product has sulfur and resorcinol to fight breakouts, it comes with a tint whose color comes from anti oxide that helps with pigentation it also helps to cover up the pimples while it works.

3. Dr.Jart BB Beauty Balm: This gel moisturizer with tiny pigmentation beads is for everything basically, it contains anti-wrinkle pep-tides and brightening botanicals and it is SPF-free so you can wear it throughout the night, its perfect if you are looking for coverage.

4.  Acne Treatment Concealer: Clinique acne solution contains salicyclic acid, it comes with a green tint that counteracts redness around the acne, Murad acne treatment has a drier texture than the nice creamy clinique acne solution, it contains vitamins A, E and C in addition to salicyclic acid.

5. Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment: normal mineral makeup is good for the skin, but bare mineral takes it up a notch. This bare mineral contains antioxidant blend that was made to unclog pores and its in a powder form.

6. 24 Hour Eye Enhancers: Sleeping with eye make-up has been frowned on, but there are some eye makeup formulas that hydrate and protect your eyelids and helps to heighten healthy lash growth this products include sisley phyto-twist eye which contains green tea and camellia extract for moisture and antioxidant protection also Grande Natural Grandliner helps to boost the lashes and it also contains waterproof formula.

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