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So its actually supposed to “Transformation tuesday” but hey what difference does it make,  we do need to transform every other day of the week anyways. I shouldn’t resist putting up this video of youtube vlogger ItsMyrayeraye  up because seriously there are so many people that need this knowledge, its a necessity for survival.

According to ItsMyrayeraye  prior to the making of the video she had a very annoying breakout that left dark spots all over her face. She was angry at the sight she tried a concoction which she created by herself and it back fired because instead of clearing her acne made dark spot it left her skin burnt and damaged.


Hello World

This story is definitely sometime that she shares with a lot more people. Out of desperation there are so many of you out there that would put almost anything on your face in the hopes that you would get something in semblance to a smooth and almost flawless skin. About 98% of this experiment fail ( trust me I should know because I’ve also been a victim of my own bad skin care).

The whole question now becomes what do you do? Now that you know “Slow and Steady wins the race” you need to  cover it up with makeup although you do this when its absolutely necessary (you need your face to breath while you try a new regimen) like when you are heading out to work or a business meeting if you don’t care for makeup to work.

Watch this video of YouTube vlogger ItsMyrayeraye; see how she covers her acne burns and scars using drugstore products;

What you’ll need:

  • Loreal Pro Matte 24hr foundation – 108
  • Milani Concealer Plus Perfect 2 in 1 foundation – sand beige
  • Kiko Milano Concealer – 04 dark
  • lip color – Milani lip creme in “adorable”

Watch The Video

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