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One of the most challenging aspects of being a Nigerian is maintaining the culture. Passed down from generations is the confidence of finding yourself in the traditional attire. I for one grew up watching my mum, gran mum and aunts wear their lace or Ankara fabric sewn into a blouse and wrapper or a ‘skirt and blouse’. As time went on it seemed that there was a culture that was becoming familiar, the traditions were almost dying in the world of the socialite’s as they would rather wear a British style wedding outfit complete with fascinators compared to wearing our own traditional ensemble. It was like another’s culture was looming over our heads and it was beginning to trickle down to non-socialites however moments before the threat became something to note, there was a swift switch in how the traditional wears were represented and then the social media boom helped to push a cultural propaganda.

Each transition inspired the other as the fashion industry is not only deeply affected by African roots but it also takes inspiration from the western world. We love what has become and is becoming of our industry, we love the near perfect delivery of our top styles weekly, we also love how body-positive the industry is ad because we keep loving we also keep sharing. This week we have yet another collection of styles that favor every fashion girl.

Let’s take a look at the traditional attires that we are inspired by this New week…


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These are the traditional attires that have left us awe-struck. The details in the combinations just leaves you interested and excited for more.

Be Inspired!

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