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A lot of us have been faced with the challenge of disposing our skin care products and makeup either because they are expired, fake, or are not suitable for the skin.Well, here’s is finally a justification to continue throwing out products even when they are not finished.

Once you start researching the shelf life of beauty goods, you’d realize there are no reasons to hoard so much stuff. It’s pretty gross to hold onto a mascara or face cream for years. We don’t eat food that old, so why put it on our skin?


Skin care products

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Here are the top seven ways to avoid using toxic, expired skin care products and makeup on your face;

1. SPF; check the expiration date: Despite the expiration date of SPF and its strict regulation, it can go bad early if not handled properly. Consider replacing it if it’s been left out in the sun or in a hot car.

2. Moisturizer; six months to one year: Ideally, you should use moisturizers for six months to one year after opening. Anything that comes in a jar will have a shorter shelf life because you are putting your fingers in it and exposing it to bacteria. Products with a pump will last a bit longer since they are more protected. In general, though, it is always important to look for changes in the smell, texture, or color of your product, which can all be signs that it’s become unstable and should be thrown away.

3. Face wash; six months to one year: There are so many varieties of cleansers. Oil-based ones can last for a year if kept in a cool, dark place, while water-based products should generally be used within closer to six months.

4. Serum; six to nine months: Serums usually have a slightly shorter shelf life of about six to nine months. This is because the high-performing ingredients they contain can lose their effectiveness easily so, it’s always good to look for airless packaging, which protects your serum.

5. Mascara; three to six months: Replace your mascara and eyeliner every three to six months. Also should sharpen eyeliner before every use; you really don’t want to get bacteria in your eyes!

6. Body lotion; one to two years: Body lotion can last about a year and sometimes up to two years, but it depends on the formula and how much exposure it has to bacteria. Again it’s important to look for changes in the product from when it was first opened to determine if it’s gone bad.

7. Foundation; six months to one year: Replace foundations and other non-powder face makeup after six months-a year. It’s important to monitor these products for any changes and to be really mindful of how you’re caring for tools like brushes and sponges.


You’d be doing yourself more harm than good by avoiding the use of toxic, expired skin care products and makeup!

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