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Knowing full well that getting an eight-hour sleep is another form of beauty, you also need to know the fact that there’s a way you can do even better. What if you were told you’ve got just a simple step before bed time that can give you a nice complexion? Well, this simple step is not far fetched. It’s simply the use of night cream.
Applying quality night creams at bed time would not only make your skin glow, but would also make it clearer and smoother. The only ritual you owe both your skin and a quality night cream is to sleep. To this effect, you have to go for a quality night cream. Here are the 6 quality night creams that give your skin all it needs;

1. ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream: This product is regarded as the “best retinol bang for your buck”, by its users. You need to add this to your beauty regimen, if truly you want a soft, smooth and even-toned skin.




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2. Murad Essential-C Night Moisture: Finally, a night cream that will give a 66-year-old lady some results to help diminish her wrinkles, is in the market. This brings to your skin, maximum smoothness and youthful glow. It doesn’t cause breakouts and feels great when it goes on.




3. Mary Kay TimeWise Night solution: This solution is lightweight, oil-free and will not clog pores. Its hypoallergenic formula makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and oily.  Its fun appearance is completely unbeatable. It equally awakens your  skin.


N3-Mary Kay

Mary kay

4. The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream: This soothing formula refreshes skin overnight, bringing effortless moisture to even a dry and sensitive skin. It’s silky, fragrance-free and awesome. The product is rich in moisture, yet light enough to keep breakouts at bay.


N4-Aloe Soothing

Aloe Soothing

5. OLay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream: This  luxurious formula comes from a drugstore brand. It’s a night cream fit for department stores. Applying this pleasant-smelling cream to your face leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. It has a non-greasy texture, light fragrance and fabulous staying power.




6. Aveno Positively Ageless Reconditioning Night Cream: Aveeno night cream is highly reliable, affordable and easy to find in stores. Anyone with a sensitive skin would appreciate this  product’s gentle hydrating qualities. It absorbs fast, hydrates the skin well and smells pleasantly.




Truly, quality night creams give you an assurance of a great skin. Feel the real you it these!

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