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A major way to enhance the overall beauty of your hands is to have shiny and beautifully shaped nails at the tip of the fingers; A lot of us strive to have long healthy nails which can be styled in any way we want, but the beauty of the hands is often marred by weak and brittle nails that become easily chipped and cracked. This is a common problem that can affect both men and women. Some of the common causes of weak and brittle nails are ageing, excessive use of nail enamels, nail polish removers and overexposure to water. Here are the top six potential cures for dry brittle nails;

1. Egg Yolk and Milk Soak: A major cause of weak and brittle nail is lack of  nutrients such as protein and calcium. Egg yolk and milk are some of the best and easily available natural sources of protein and calcium that helps in fortifying the nails thus, opt for the egg yolk and milk soak.

Egg yolk

Egg yolk

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2. Sea Salt Soak: A better way to strengthen weak and brittle toenails and finger nails is with a soothing and relaxing soak made of sea salt and warm water. This healing soak not only softens the nail cuticles and adds a brilliant shine to the nails but is also the ideal solution to the question of how to get rid of dead skin cells from feet.

br1 sea salt

Sea salt soak

3. Coconut Oil Massage: A concoction of coconut oil and curry leaves is the best natural moisturizer for treating excessively dry skin. A nourishing coconut oil nail massage can work as an amazing moisturizer for the nails and prevent various types of nail infections. The oil helps in keeping the nails hydrated whereas the massage helps in improving blood circulation.

br2 Coconut-oil1

Coconut oil


4. Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Soak: The combination of  lemon juice and olive oil are extremely important natural beauty ingredients that are widely used for various skin and health problems and lemon juice is an effective natural bleach. The mixture of lemon juice and olive oil also an effective remedy for dry brittle nails also.

Lemon and olive oil

Lemon and olive oil

5. Tea Tree Oil Drops: The power antiseptic properties of tea tree oil makes it a popular natural medicine for a wide range of skin problems. It also helps in treating brittle nails caused by fungal infections; it is one of the unsurpassed nail fungus home remedies that provide prompt results.

br4 Tea-Tree-Oil

Tea tree-Oil

6. Lemon Juice Swipe: Raw lemon juice is one of the functional home remedies for brittle nails that help in strengthening and brightening the nails and getting rid of the ugly yellow stain caused by overuse of nail polish. It also treats dryness, chipping and peeling of the nails caused by nail polish removers.

br5 Lemon-Juice-Swipe

Lemon juice

Your dry brittle nails become a thing of the past in no distant time with these top potent natural cures for dry brittle nails!

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