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Although African stores exist in diaspora, they certainly can’t have it all when it comes to real Nigerian food items. Yes! These stores exist, making it possible for Nigerians in diaspora to at least have access to most of the food items usually loved, but in some cases, these items could make them yearn to go home every once in a year or more. Some of these food items usually not found in diaspora are often requested for when getting prepared to get back abroad. Here are the top six Nigerian food items Nigerians in diaspora are missing;

1. Bush meat:

Remember the bush meat pepper soup which is very tasty. Well, it’s main ingredient which is the bush meat cannot be found in stores in diaspora. It will only take a blind custom officer not to see it when you try your best possible to smuggle some pieces of meat from Nigeria.

Bush meat

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2. Fresh Vegetables:

Almost every Nigerian cries for vegetables every time. The popular ugwu(pumpkin) is never found. Fresh bitter leaves are not found but the dried ones. An igbo man will tell you that for a very good fresh ofe onugbu, the dried bitter leaves are not ideal. What about fresh ewedu and fresh oha leaves?


3. Fresh akamu/pap:

Despite having custard as a substitute, pap popularly known as akamu or ogi, remains missed by Nigerians in diaspora. Even when pap is seen at the African store, it is frozen so as to avoid spoilage.


4. Suya:

For fun with friends, suya whether grilled or barbecued meat, is one of things Nigerians love. It is strongly missed.


5. Boli:

Fresh unripe giant plantains roasted by the roadside are always missed here. It often goes with groundnut


6. Boiled or roasted corn and plum:

Just like boli and groundnut, corn and plumorpear, called ube in Igbo, is also another kind that is usually missed. Freshly plucked from the farm, boiled or roasted to go with the plum, lunch is set.



In all, there’s just no place like home, as those of us back here will still continue to enjoy our meals with our great Nigerian food items!
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