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Well, I want to be very subjective here. I could remember being teased by friends about not being hairy, some years back. A friend had once told me that my hair looked just like the ones under her armit…lol. I felt bad though, but I still loved to rock my natural hair. Even one of my lecturers would say that I was very poor for not making my hair like other girls, especially during exams. In all, this was one thing I was never ashamed of, despite being teased by all. I may not know about you, but for me, I just love carrying my natural hair, especially after I was able to renew it through my Hairfinity journey! My hair is now healthier than it used to be.

Now the thing is; is it the criticism you get when you do the big chop and get everyone saying “you look ugly?”, “you look like a 14-year old in a bad way?” Is it the price of natural hair products that is more expensive than the weaves you can re-use over and over again?

Anyhow! Natural hair journey isn’t for ladies who aren’t ready to spend, nurture and most importantly have the patience to groom the hair, but there are some quotes to motivate you on your hair journey because some other people have been where you are on your hair journey! Here are the top natural hair quotes to inspire you;

Quote 1:


Removing the kinks

Hello World

Quote 2:

Society’s view

Quote 3:


Quote 4:


Quote 5:

Afro love

Quote 6:

Keep growing



So when next people criticize you for always rocking your natural hair, throw some of these natural hair quotes at them!

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