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Having new curves during pregnancy can bring mixed feelings if you were in the cleavage department before you became pregnant; from happiness to confusion about what you need to make sure they remain supported.

Besides, if you were bigger before now, you may also find that the extra growth comes with an extra strain on your back. As a result, it is important to invest in new maternity underwear that fits and stretches with your growing cleavage. You can also prevent the stretching of delicate breast tissue which leads to sagging and stretch marks, by opting for on of these.

Maternity underwear

Maternity underwear

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Here are the top six maternity underwear commandments;

1. Avoid under-wires: Under-wired bras are generally believed to be uncomfortable during pregnancy because they could restrict the growth of the breast tissue. So it’s best to avoid these at all costs.

2. Go and be professionally measured: There’s a range of high street stores which offer this service free, so have a look to see which one is closest to you.  You may find as your pregnancy progresses and your cleavage continues to grow, you become best friends with the measuring assistant. Therefore, it is highly recommend that you get measured regularly during your pregnancy so as to ensure you’ve got the right support throughout.

3. Never wear bra straps too tight: No matter your size, you should always ensure that the straps are comfortable. It may be tempting to hoist up that new cleavage, but if your straps are leaving marks, it then implies that they are too tight.

4. Buy maternity bras with wide straps: If you have been blessed with a bigger bust, then look for bras with wide straps, which will support the weight and ensure your shoulders don’t suffer.

5. Let your bosoms breathe: At this time, you should pick a maternity bra with a breathable and stretchy fabric, which will ensure you stay dry under there too.

6Consider a sports bra: If it happens that you are still friends with the gym, then a sports bra is a must-have, offering both support and comfort. Some women also use these to sleep in.


If you love your bump, keep these maternity underwear commandments!

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