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Caring for your skin with natural oils and herbs is very beneficial to your skin. There are some persons who have spent at least half of their allowances on very expensive beauty products yet, they are left with very little or no result at the end of the day. Well, how about taking advantage of trees and herbs in West Africa today? Just scoop yourself a mixture of herbal barks, plants and oil for beautiful radiant skin. Here are the top five West African natural beauty products you can make at home;

1. Baobab Oil: This highly nutritive oil which helps to replenish collagen stores in skin cell-soil is made by pressing the seeds from the delicious and nutritious fruit of the baobab tree. It can be used directly as a serum on delicate skin.

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2. Shea Butter: This solid off-white substance which melts into the skin is simply could be made completely ideal for skin by adding a few drops of essential oils like rose and lavender to a small tub of Shea butter. You can use it as a face cream.

w2 Shea_Butter

Shea butter

3. Sesame Oil: This light body oil especially good for grounding and soothing dry skin makes a non-sticky massage oil that is not likely to stain the sheets. Sesame is a good carrier oil and is often used as a base for essential oils that will be used directly on the skin.

Sesame seeds . Selective focus

Sesame seeds

4. Neem Oil: The neem tree is a natural insect repel-ant for mosquitoes. Using this oil mixed into shea butter and applied directly on the skin can keep away mosquitoes. Traditionally, neem oil is used directly on ringworm, skin fungus and other strange skin issues.

w4 neem-oil-1

Neem oil

5. Orange Oil: Made from the pressed skin of ripe oranges, orange essential oil is a natural mood-lifter and an excellent addition to shea butter as an evening body treatment. Orange oil and other citrus oils are best used in the evening for this reason; the photo-sensitivity is short-lived.


Orange oil

Take advantage of West African natural beauty products this season!

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