Hi Soon-to-be Mums!

Intimacy at all times is of great importance to every couple, but what happens when you take in and some changes occur between partners? Besides, lots of pregnant women are faced with various challenges at this stage of life, especially in the issue of balancing your pregnancy and your romantic life. To help keep the romance and the intimacy in your relationship, you need some tips.



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These are the top five tips to keep intimacy alive at pregnancy;

1. Have a “date night” at least once a week:

Couples must endeavor to carve out a time for being together, that focuses exclusively on each other. This is something which is important to continue to do after the baby is born. There should be no talk of painting the nursery or what to name the baby here.

2. Never take each other or $3x for granted:

Always keep the passion alive. When you first started dating, there wasn’t the expectation that $3x was going to be there every time, but now, you are both meant for each other so, make those hopes come true. Treat your partner accordingly during pregnancy.

3. Revive the art of flirting:

As the marriage builds and practical issues of life come up you tend to let go of the things that started the whole thing; the flattery, the courtship, the flirting. This makes marriage multitasking. To keep intimacy alive, revive all the things you did to win each other over before marriage; flirt with each other like mad!

4. Keep hubby a part of your pregnancy:

In as much as your best girlfriend or your mum may be more fun to talk to right now, it’s important to also share what is going on with the pregnancy with your partner. Equally bring him to your doctor’s appointments, have him view the ultrasound, and if there is a medical reason why you can’t have intercourse, consider bringing your doctor into the situation in order to help explain to your partner what is going on and why.

5. Court your pregnant wife:

Now this goes to the husbands. Treat her with the same kind of sensitivity you had when you first started to date. It could make no big difference for you, but it’s going to make a huge difference for her and it would help you both to stay close.


Soon-to-be-mums! Now you know it doesn’t just stop at being pregnant so, keep the intimacy alive!

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