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Everybody knows that football is a game that no one can take from Nigerians. It is a game loved and cherished by a lot of people. People watch his particular sport as a way of relaxing and unwinding. Though it might not be particularly stress relieving for some who have difficulty with sitting and watching in a relaxed way, I call them the group of commentators and those who play for the players with their legs in their sitting room, showing their passion for the sport in a more vocal way.

Nigerian footballers are doing very well for themselves financially and that is reflecting in their lifestyle. Apart from that, they have been able to get beautiful, hot and stylish wives. Stylish Nigerian footballers’ wives are making their husband proud of them in every way you can’t imagine.

So here are the top 5 stylish Nigerian footballers’ wives in no particular order.

Nimot Taiwo 

Nimot Aderonke Taiwo is the glamorous  wife of  Nigerian defender Taye Taiwo and she has never been seen at any event without looking lovely.  Taye Taiwo is proud of his wife and he doesn’t fail to tell the world how beautiful she is. This mother of two children is hardly seen around but when she is seen she readily looks stunning and breathtaking.


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Promise Enyeama

Promise Enyeama is the wife of Nigeria’s goalkeeper Vicent Enyeama who looks good without trying too much. She is a beautiful woman who captured the heart of our finest goalkeeper.


Adaeze Yobo

Adaeze Yobo is the ex-beauty queen listed as the 4th most beautiful African Sportsman wife in 2014. She participated in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) contest and won and also participated in Miss World contest as well. This beautiful model slays in anything she wears and make head turn.


Stephanie Kalu Uche

Stephanie Kalu Uche was MGBN universe in 2008 and when we talk about style, she’s got it. This beauty queen maintained her lovely shape even after 2 kids. She founded Stephanie Nicholas wellness, the brand that was inspired by her battle with acne and baby weight during her pregnancy.


Amarachi Nwankwo

Kanu Nwanko, one of Nigeria’s most talented player  really caught his wife young.  Amarachi Nwankwo whom he got married to at the tender age of 18 years saw this captivating woman and would not let her be. Well, years afterwards she still got that beauty and she carries herself with such grace peculiar to her


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