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Some might call me local when I skip using the washing machine, first I hate piled up clothes and second because of the harshness of detergent most of our clothes can’t stand the washing machine. One of such fabric is the Ankara, this beloved print cannot withstand the harshness of some detergents because of the chemical used to produce this fabric.

If you ever washed your Ankara fabric with a harsh detergent you would notice a washed look the third time around.


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Case Scenario: There’s this fabulous Ankara dress that you have, every time you wear it, heads turn and people ask you who your tailor is, you are always proud to be seen in this dress and figure you would have it for at least a year but after the third wear and wash in the machine your dress looks old. This situation is very upsetting but how do you make sure it doesn’t occur?

First you have to hand wash your Ankara fabric and steer clear of harsh detergents but what soaps can you use? here are the top 5 soaps to wash your Ankara with;

  • Canoe Extra care

Canoe soap is the perfect 3-in-1 formula specifically formulated to give the perfect finish, it washes away tough stains, it refreshes and it preserves color.


  • Miss BimboAll-in-one soap

Over the years we have used a variety of detergents and soap but miss bimbo took over the market at one time because of its unique scent and the fact that it is mild on the skin as well as colored fabric.



  • So Klin Multi purpose soap

Like canoe So klin has a new and improved formula that is guaranteed to give you that cleaner and brighter simple and effective wash.



  • B29 Glycerin extra

This might be a multi purpose soap but do not attempt to use it on your skin, Having said that B29 might is mild on your ankara fabric.



  • Spin Laundry and bath.

Unlike the rest of the soap, spin does no lather at first but its so gentle and its really mild on your Ankara fabric.



The reason why this soaps are one of the best is because they are mild and really soft. They do not harm the skin as opposed to some of the other products and they are really good for the Ankara fabric.

Which soap do you use for your Ankara fabric that keeps the color in place? Share with us in the comment section below.

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