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It’s difficult to see an individual who doesn’t crave for a clear, brighter and fairer looking skin, except that person isn’t from this planet. Bright skin looks flawless. Like every other skin lightening product, essential oils are beneficial in healing the skin. This is why they are used in anti aging skin care products, brightening, whitening products and skin healing products as well. Essential oils are rich in nutrients which enhance the texture of the skin over the time. Some of the essential oils can also make the skin whiter and brighter, but we must be aware of the most effective ones. Here are the top five skin lightening oils;

1. Lavender Essential oil:

This oil is used in a lot of soaps and skin creams due to its calming effects. It has wonderful healing abilities. Lavender oil is also used to cure the marks and scars on the skin. This oil can be mixed with chamomile oil and then used for massaging the face and body. It brightens your skin.


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2. Cedarwood Essential oil:

This is extracted from the cedar tree and is helpful in making the sebum secretion under control. Cedarwood essential oil therefore, is good for whitening of oily to combination skin. This oil can be mixed with few drops of Bergamot oil or even the jojoba oil to get the benefits in making the skin brighter and even tone.


3. Rose Essential oil:

This oil is highly used to get the benefits like clear and glowing skin. Similarly rose essential oil is suitable for brightening and whitening of skin. This essential oil is safe to be used on its own and mostly don’t need a carrier oil if your skin is not extremely sensitive.


4. Neroli essential oil:

This is also good for oily skin whitening since this too is ideal for skin that secretes too much sebum. This will not block the pores when used properly. This can also be mixed up with some bergamot oil, sandalwood oil etc. The best benefits of Neroli oil other than to make the skin brighter is to give you anti aging benefits.


5. Sandalwood Essential oil:

This oil is being used in a lot of skin care product especially the products which are formulated to give brightening and whitening to the skin. Therefore sandalwood essential oil is good for skin whitening. Sandalwood in anyways, is a skin whitening ingredient which is suitable for the skin.





There are just too many skin lightening processes. You can be assured of this when you use any of these skin lightening oils!

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