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Yes! Virtually all of us have the habit of complaining that this and that are disturbing the skin. Well, that’s why we are humans; no one is perfect. Here, you’ll have people bothered about lightening their complexions, while others are looking forward o eliminating one skin irritation or the other.

On the other hand, skin lightening is the goal of almost every Nigerian these days. Some go for creams, serums, soaps and many other skin lightening products, but in all these, preference is necessary. Implicit in this is that we have found soaps, liquid soaps to be precise, creating an even tone or lightening on the skin. You need not be told that skin lightening liquid washes are not limited to various parts of the body like the body creams; they circulate widely. Having known this, you also need to know the skin lightening body washes that are more effective. Well, here are the top five skin lightening body washes;

1. Markari Luxurious Lightening Exfoliating Body Wash:


Hello World

2. Bismid Lightening/ Firming Body Wash:

This firms sagging skin, combats cellulite and gives a brighter complexion.


3. Queen Helen Lightening Body Wash:

Queen Helen

4. QE1+ Paris Lightening Shower Bath:


5. Dove Cocoa Butter Lightening Shower Bath:



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