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Dandruff? I really love talking about this topic because its underrated. Many women out there just ignore the fact that dandruff’s need to be paid close attention to. This is a beauty ailment a lot of women would come under at one point in their life and yet not a lot of people talk about the effects and how put effort in getting rid of it.

Dandruff Flakes

Dandruff Flakes

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What causes this beauty Ailment? This is the first step to tackling it, this beauty ailment is caused by a natural oil which our body produces called sebum. This oil creates a protective barrier around the dermis but once it over produces it begins to cause acne and of cause ‘Dandruff’.

How to get rid of it? The first step is to avoid too hot water when washing your hair, also avoid any heating tools like blow dryer and too much hair products. But you can also start a anti-dandruff routine and you can achieve a healthy head in no time by using this Top 5 shampoo for dandruff;

  1. Paul Mitchell Tea Tress Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo, its expensive but worth the price.
  2. Neutrogena T/gel 2-in-1 Dandruff Shampoo plus Conditioner, its cheap and it functions, it most certainly does what it says it can do.
  3. Heads and Shoulder Classic Clean, very popular, really cheap and its a surefire way to get rid of dandruff’s.
  4. Redken Dandruff Shampoo, the clear smell makes it easier for a lot of people but it makes hair soft and it gets rid of flakes.
  5. Heads and Shoulders Extra Volume, this drugstore product is everything, cheap and reliable.

What products did you use to get rid of this beauty ailment? Share with us in the comment section below.

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