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It’s actually possible this isn’t your first time going on vacation, but packing for a long weekend is one of the most stressful tasks a beauty junkie can endure. You could spend much time editing your favourite goods. Whether you are going away for a long weekend or dusting off your passport and hopping on a red-eye, smart packing is key to making the trip go smoothly. No matter where you are heading to, there’s more to your beauty regimen than decanting your shampoo into travel-size containers. There are very essential beauty items you cannot do without. The top five essential travel beauty items to pack are as follows;

Beauty items

Beauty items

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1. A moisturizing hair oil: It’s vital to protect your hair against harshness that could either result from salt water or sun thus, include a moisturizing hair oil like an SPF in your travel bag. It’s usually a tropical getaway when travelling for pleasure so, your moisturizing hair oil should not be missing.

2. Skin care–soaked pads: Pre-soaked toning and exfoliating pads help you get through two essential skin care steps in one go; toners could be typically watery and messy, but these pads challenge those norms and are very comfortable to use.

3. A sunscreen that does more than block the sun: Never you attempt leaving your house without your sunscreen; it works as your setting powder over makeup. You’ll get loads of compliments on how flawless your skin always looks, simply because of this.

4. Your own soap: Most hotel toilet soaps have this annoying drying nature thus, you should endeavor to include your own bathing soap among your travel beauty items this time, as that is the basis of your beauty. Ensure it is one with a great moisturizing effect.

5. A lip treatment: Can ladies actually do without this? In most cases, your lips are bound to be the first to get dry or chapped when you travel so, you must include a good lip treatment in your bag this time; it’s a must.


Remember you cannot do without these essential travel beauty items on that trip. Start packing them now!

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