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Despite being a wonderful season of the year, the harmattan season welcomes cold, dry and dusty wind which affects the skin. You battle with crackly feet, white and dry skin as well.  A very annoying trait of this season is the crackly lips, which signifies the intensity of the weather. To curb this, you need to maintain a lasting glow on very part of your body with not just particular skin lightening products, but specific harmattan essentials.

Here are the top five harmattan essentials to help keep up with the glow;

1. Ambi Creamy Oil Lotion:

The Ambi Creamy Oil Lotion is your go-to for a smooth and soft skin. It’s your best bet for a smooth glow-up for the harmattan.

Ambi Creamy Oil Lotion

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2. Hair Oils:

The effect of the harmattan is terrible, it leaves your hair tangling and extra dry beacuse of its harsh weather conditions. Stick with Cantu products and some other hair products that would leave your hair shiny and moisturized.

EssentHair Oils

3. Dove Dry Moisture Body Wash:

As you bathe in this season, you notice dryness immediately on your skin, which if not taken care of, your skin becomes completely dry. To keep your glow up even while you shower you need good a product such as the Dove dry moisture body oil to protect your skin.

Hair Oils

4. Lip Balm/Lip Gloss:

Some people’s skins are too sensitive that it gives them lip sores which is definitely not proper for the body. It’s best to start early to prevent crackly lips or lip sores. A moisturized lips is a safe way to keep off those sores.

Lip Balm

5. Body Oils:

The skin needs to retain moisture and one way to retain moisture in the skin is using body oils. Neutrogena Body oil is my go to on my shopping list for this season.


Body Oils


Who doesn’t need a glowing, fresh skin for the harmattan? Everyone does. That’s why the above harmattan essentials should be seriously considered!

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