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A woman is assumed as being very tender in all ramifications. When she shakes hands with a guy whose palms are softer than hers, she becomes a bit shy or feels intimidated by such.

Besides, our hands are used for a thousand and one activities daily such that we easily take them into our mouths or use them on other parts of the body. Having known that we just cannot do without using our hands, it is pertinent that we keep it clean. Not just clean, but soft and attractive. Using quality hand washes can solve the problem of very hard and dirty hands. I believe these are the major expectations from hand washes. Thus, these are the top five hand washes that make your hands softer;

1. Method Gel hand Wash: You should consider buying and using this gel by Method to keep your hand clean and your family healthy. There is a well-blended naturally derived cleaning gel in it. It equally lacks harsh chemicals or toxic ones that can irritate you skin. Your hands will be clean, soft and rejuvenated after each wash.

ha1 Method Gel hand Wash

Method Gel

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2. Softsoap Lavender and Chamomile Hand Wash: This liquid hand wash produces a relaxing cherry fragrance when in use. It lathers well, neutralizes dirt, and is Jergens-enriched formula that moisturizes the skin well.

ha2 Softsoap Lavender and Chamomile Hand Wash

Softsoap Lavender

3. Simple Human Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap: This refill moisturizing liquid hand soap is a loved home and commercial hand-washing product mainly because of its cost effectiveness. It has a sensible formula which is a blend of skin-safe natural ingredients that lather and clean dirt and grime well.

ha3 Simple Human Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap

Simple Human

 4. Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap: This  effective antimicrobial formula is currently the third best worldwide because it cleanses dust and grime. Besides, its well blended antimicrobial formula kills many disease-causing bacteria. It also has gentle conditioners and moisturizers that will refresh and sooth your skin after every use.

ha4 Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap

Dial Antibacterial

5. J.R. Watkins Liquid Hand Soap: This is a quality hand wash made of natural plant-based ingredients. It is an all-purpose cleaner that creates smooth lather which rinses easily when washing hands.This soap is environmentally safe and packaged in recyclable and sustainable plastic bottles for the environmentally conscious.

ha5 J.R. Watkins Liquid Hand Soap

J.R. Watkins

Be mindful of your health, skin and never compromise when it comes to quality!

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