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So many of us who are very conscious of staying in shape at all times are usually obsessed with working out. With this, we spend more time at the gym undergoing one training or the other. Well, beauty conscious ladies will tell you that you can leave the gym looking fresh.

If after working out and you’ve got just twenty to thirty minutes to get ready before work stresses you out, then learn all of the tricks that would help you clean up quickly right here.

Beauty hack

Beauty hack

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Here are the top five gym beauty hacks to get you set in ten minutes;

1. DIY a shower cap: If you’ve got no shower cap at the gym, well, there’s no problem. Quickly grab those plastic bags most gyms supply for dirty clothes and wrap it around your head to keep the water off. A dry towel turned to turban works as well.

2. Just wash your bangs: Even when your hair is a bit sweaty, don’t wash it yet. Instead, work with the texture and grit that the dirty hair gives you. Leaving it wavy in these situations is also essential. To make sure it looks clean, leave out the front bangs and rinse the section with shampoo, conditioner, and water. Then blow dry with a round brush. You can pull the rest back into a low ponytail or bun if you’re really self-conscious about it.

3. Take off mascara residue: Quickly get rid of mascara and eyeliner smudges without makeup remover by simply dabbing on a bit of face lotion with a cotton swab and gently rubbing it on the area. It should work like a cold cream and take the smears right off.

4. Play up your eyes: If you notice that your cheeks are still red at the gym, try avoiding a bright lip. It can draw more attention to your rouge cheeks. Instead, play up your eyelashes by curling and prepping them. Follow with your favorite black mascara, wiggling it in between your lashes so it looks like eyeliner.

5. Skip the bronzer:
Knowing full well that powders can stick to dewy skin and looks awkward, you should go for a creamy contouring stick instead. This will give you a bronzed look while melting into your skin.


You should not always bother about not going through all your beauty routine; simply tap from these gym beauty hacks ladies this season!

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